Advisor Training

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Welcome to the Come Follow Me Video Training for Advisors

The Come Follow Me course is a first level discipleship course for new believers from a Muslim background.

This Advisor training course is for those who want to learn about using the Come Follow Me (CFM) course with Believers from a Muslim Background. It will teach you to use the course well and think through how you can best disciple those you are doing the course with.

Please note that you cannot complete this online training course alone, and it should be used by a group of people (minimum 4), who are intending or hoping to use the CFM course. This could be mature Christian believers from a Christian or Muslim background, or believers from a Muslim background who have themselves completed the CFM course and want to use it with others. Ideal group size is 4-6 people.

If you intend to facilitate this Advisor training with a group of people, please go through Lesson 1- “Session 0: Guidelines for Facilitators using this training course” by yourself first. This session will tell you what equipment you will need, including the course books you need to order (please allow up to 2 weeks for their arrival), and resources that need to be printed for each session.

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